How to put your best foot forward when applying for graduate scholarships.

There is a popular adage, “If it was easy then everyone would do it.”  More often than not, the pursuit of scholarships is not easy; it is far from simple and is enormously time-consuming. By being willing to put in the time and the effort, you are functionally in the minority. Many students don’t try for many scholarships because of the required work, so they face less competition. And less competition means better odds of winning.


Before embarking on anything, be it starting a new job, visiting a new country or city, or trying a new recipe, we all try to do a little research and plan how things will turn out. Planning and doing one’s research is not limited to only traveling or trying new recipes, this can be used in all aspects like planning for your graduate scholarship.

Yes, you have done it, you are done with your undergraduate study, which is no easy feat by the way and it’s time to advance with your graduate study and you’re also looking for a scholarship to help with easing the financial burden. There are several scholarships pushed out every year by organizations, small and large businesses, government, trade associations, religious groups, non-profits, etc targeting several courses, age groups, nationalities, etc. You have to remember to take a deep breath and do your research. Research is very important in getting yourself the right scholarship, there are so many scholarships out there but not all apply to you and research will help you with filtering those scholarships. It is very important to also note that you should start your research early. You can never start planning too early but you can start late. 


Remember to prepare to take the required exams, scoring high on the required exams like the GRE/GMAT is important.  It’s even more important when your undergraduate GPA is on the lower side.  You can contact a good GMAT/GRE tutorial center to help you prepare for the exam or contact us to help you with getting the right tutor. 


Scholarship essays play a very important role. Essays can either be in written or video form and it needs to be clear, engaging and most importantly follow the scholarships essays instructions.  Also, make sure to check for grammatical errors, you don’t want your application to be filled with it. Don’t be scared to get personal and seek out advice and feedback. Every essay should be tailored to every application that you do.


As a graduate school applicant, you should put your best foot forward when sending in your scholarship application. Luckily, there are answers to the concerns you have, book a consultation with us.


Written by Doris Ukaonu