7 Top U.S Universities that don’t require the SAT

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If wishes were horses, many of us will ride to avoid taking examinations to ascertain promotions in school or to secure admission. Well well, sometimes wishes are horses, and you can have it your way, all you have to do is look carefully in the right directions while researching your options. Are you nervous about taking the Scholastic Assessment (SAT)? Well, the good news is, since the outbreak of Covid-19, a lot of schools adopted the test optional temporarily. However, we’ve put together a rich list of 7 schools you can apply to that did not require the SAT pre-covid. 


New York University– If you’re keen to research courses, then this school is right for you. Although the curriculum lacks flexibility, it has an acceptance rate of 32% and also the percentage of international students admitted is 27.6%. Two notable alumni from this school are popular American singer Lady Gaga and renowned actor Alec Baldwin.


University of Texas Austin– A public research university located in Austin Texas and also the highest ranking institution in the University of Texas System. Its acceptance rate is 31.8% and the total percentage of international students is 10.1%. American actor Matthew McConaughney and the former first lady of the United States, Laura Bush are both graduates of the school.

George Washington University- A private research university with 41% acceptance rate and a 14.2% of international students. GWU promotes to an admirable extent community service and athletics; both American actress Kerry Washington and American politician Colin Luther Powell have a degree from here.


Drexel University– Located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, it specializes in technical programs and research facilities. Its acceptance rate is 72% with 21% of international students. Notable basketballers Micheal Anderson and Malik Rose both graduated from Drexel.


Arizona State University– A public research university located in the Phoenix metropolitan area and ranked number one for innovation in the U.S. The acceptance rate is 86.5% with a total of 16.2% international students. American television host Jimmy Kimmel and American basketball player James Harden are alumni.


American University– Private university located in Washington D.C. It involves research courses and ranks well in courses like international studies, communications, and business. The American University’s acceptance rate is 25% and harbors 16% of international students. Popular American host Star Jones and E-News entertainment reporter Giuliana Rancic are alumni from this prestigious school.


Brandeis University– A private research university located in Waltham, Massachusetts, has a 32% acceptance rate and 20% of international students. Robert Gallucci, President of the MacArthur Foundation and Ilan Berman, Vice President of the American Foreign Policy Council both finished from Brandeis.

SAT is the most recognised exam to gain admission into American Universities, but as situations will have it, American universities are warming up to flexibility. However, you must know the best schools cause there’s a wide range to pick from. There you go, the best seven that do not require SAT, courtesy of the team at Edward Consulting.