Our Approach



  • We put our clients’ needs and interests first

  • Our clients are our most important partners

Guidance through the Application Process on things such as:
  • School and program selection
  • Personal Statement and CV Editing
  • Interview Preparation
  • Referee (Recommender) Selection
  • Advice on Transcripts and all documentation needed
  • Visa Processing and Student Travel Arrangement
Making Higher Education Affordable for You
  • Scholarship Guidance & Application on a Per-School Basis
  • Scholarship Negotiation and Appeal Management
Post-Admission Support
  • We connect past clients with similar profiles or interests to current clients so they can answer questions and provide advice on how to improve their application.
  • We stay connected with our clients and check-in frequently even after they have begun their studies abroad.
  • We use surveys to get feedback on our services. It allows us to improve our services, create the necessary changes, policies, innovation, and relationships we need to grow into a world-class organization.