Scholarship Application Form Foundation Concept




MPOWER Financing and Edward Consulting, two companies dedicated to assisting African students in realizing their aspirations for quality education abroad, have come together to award a Scholarship. The initiative aims to empower and aid international students in their quest for education excellence in the United States and Canada, acknowledging the profound influence of education on both individual lives and communities.


The primary mission of this Scholarship Initiative is to break down barriers and make high-quality education accessible to 7 African international students who have secured admission to study any master’s program in the United States or Canada for the Fall 2024 intake or are currently enrolled in any master’s program and will be starting their second year in Fall 2024. For applicants to be eligible, they must have applied and have been approved for an MPOWER study loan through Edward Consulting using this link ONLY.


Scholarship Amount: $50,000 to be awarded to 7 recipients respectively- $12,000, $10,000, $8,000, and $5,000 (to be distributed amongst last 4 recipients)


Application Criteria

  • Must have admission for any master’s program at an MPOWER-eligible schools. Use this link to confirm eligible school.
  • African nationality
  • Apply for an MPOWER study loan through Edward Consulting’s link ONLY.
  • Must have final approval on your MPOWER loan application
  • Must be applying for Fall 2024
  • If you are in your second year, you must be applying for a fresh MPOWER loan through Edward Consulting.


Use this link to start your loan application.


Application Requirement

  • Admission letter to MPOWER schools
  • MPOWER Study Loan Approval
  • Online Application Form
  • 2 Essay Questions
  • Valid international Passport


Application opens: March 1, 2024

Application deadline: May 24, 2024

Notification date: Successful applicants will be notified at the end of June, 2024



  • You must have secured a study visa to the US or Canada and resumed full-time at your school for the scholarship to be disbursed
  • Only one scholarship application is allowed to be submitted
  • Scholarship funds would be directly disbursed to the school and not be sent to the recipient’s bank account
  • MPOWER and Edward Consulting reserves the right to use information received in the application for promotional purposes
  • Recipient would be required to provide headshot photographs
  • Upon resumption at your school overseas, you cannot decide to forgo your MPOWER loan