Five IELTS Free Resources to Boost your Score in One Sitting

If you’ve been searching for holy grail answers on how to crack the code of passing the IELTS examination, then you might wanna fasten your seat belt and absolve every word of this post meticulously. 

The International English Language Testing System exams, commonly referred to in its abbreviated form, IELTS, is one of the most talked-about examinations in the world.

IELTS is one of the major criteria for individuals who intend to migrate to, work, or study in English language speaking countries such as the UK, US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. According to the IELTS body, over three million people take the tests every year.

The IELTS exam is grouped into four parts; listening, reading, writing and speaking. However, the major worry for candidates is usually how to pass the examination in one sitting. No one wants to spend all that huge money to write an exam and not come out in flying colours. Well, what better way to enrol for an exam than to prepare?

Not everyone can afford a tutor to coach them before the exam as tutor fees even rank closely with the examination fees. However, we got you! Below is a list of free online resources to help you hit the bullseye score;

  •  British Council Free Resource: This takes you through a free familiarization test for computer-delivered IELTS. You get a free full sample version of the computer-delivered IELTS test – Listening, Reading and Writing questions provide 2 hours 30 minutes of questions, just like the real IELTS test. Click here to know more.


  • IELTS Buddy: This ranges from briefing you on how to prepare, the nature of topics to expect on the D-day, how scores are calculated, and also general knowledge on the four aspects of the exam. To access, click here.

  • Canada Visa: With eight practice tests available, you’re sure to come top! These tests were prepared by IELTS professionals, however, only the Listening and Reading tests can be automatically graded. Get started now!

  • IELTS Blog: This provides the best advice from successful test-takers, podcasts to guide you and other successful tools to improve your listening skills; all in readiness for the exam. For more, click here.
  • IELTS Essentials Computer Delivered: offers a plethora of services that include test booking, finding study materials and computer-delivered tests. Click here

Here you go, with these five resources provided, there’s a likelihood you wouldn’t be needing a tutor and mostly you’re sure of passing your IELTS test.