Apply for the 2021 Fully-Funded Rotary Peace Fellowship

Over 1,400 fellows in different professions spanning government offices, NGOs, international organizations, education, law enforcement, and other related fields in more than 115 countries have benefitted from the Rotary Peace Fellowship since it began in 2002.



Yearly, the Rotary Peace Fellowship caters for the master’s degree of about 130 experienced candidates in peace and development; to study in US, Japan, UK, Australia, and Sweden. The fellowship covers tuition and fees, room and board, round-trip transportation, applied field expenses, and health insurance.

Host Universities for Rotary Peace Fellows:

  • Duke University, Durham, US
  • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, US
  • University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia 
  • University of Bradford, Bradford, UK
  • International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan 
  • Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden 


All candidates must meet the following requirements;

  • Have a bachelor’s degree.
  • Proficiency in the English Language.
  • Must possess core and proven leadership skills.
  • Must have a full-time or at least a minimum of 3 years of work experience in peace and development work and 5 years for Duke only. 
  • Be dedicated to cross-cultural understanding and peace which is proven via personal or community service and professional and academic achievements.

Learn about the Eligibility Restrictions

How To Apply:

Eligible candidates are required to submit their resume, academic and/or professional recommendations, essays, transcripts, social impact plan (certificate only), and test scores (master’s only). Candidates are also mandated to rank their 2 preferred centers in their master’s program and only one center for the certificate program. Also as part of the application requirements, candidates must connect with a rotary district within their region to get endorsed. Locate a rotary club nearest to you. APPLY NOW

For more inquiries and questions, kindly visit the Rotary Peace Fellowship website.



Saturday, May 15, 2021


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