9 Best Scholarship Websites for International Students

Getting free money for education is an excitement trigger, whether fully funded or partly funded, nobody says no to scholarships. Do you know what people say no to? Finding the scholarship source for themselves. The truth is, it’s usually a herculean task surfing the Internet for available scholarships to apply for, this is because on one hand, it’s hard to tell which is legit and on the other hand, it feels like a wild goose chase not knowing the right plug to visit. 

You normally experience similar hassles in your scholarship quests right? Not to worry, in this article, we’ll be highlighting the 7 best websites (in no particular order) you can visit for the latest scholarships alongside valuable information on how to apply. 

Opportunity Desk: With an eye-catching motto “where dreams meet opportunities”, Opportunity Desk has proven to be a great resource for all education and career-related opportunities like scholarships, jobs, internships, and exchange programs. It is easy to navigate as you can find all the opportunities on their homepage.

Niche.com: This is the right icing on the cake as it not only provides the right scholarships but also provides rich articles on places to live. Applicants are required more data because it utilizes personal reviews, real-life experiences, scientific data, and research in dishing suitable results per profile. On the other hand, you are not mandated to create a profile as you can browse the scholarship categories freely. 


Scholarships Ads: Scholarships are categorized according to country awarding, targeted student nationality, subject wise, degree wise, and research proposal to help international students. Also, Scholarships Ads publishes information on Ph.D. positions, bursaries information, and training from different sources like newspapers, colleges and universities websites, etc 

Youth Opportunities: Wears the cap of the largest opportunity finding website for youths. Youths discover not only scholarships but free high-quality educational content that go a long way in shaping their self-development. 

After School Africa: Publishes the best scholarship deals for Africans and mentorship programs to facilitate brewing entrepreneurial dreams. The programs are also curated to sharpen skills leadership and communication skills that impact applicants’ local and global community. 

Scholars 4 Dev: As the name implies, it is a website for scholarships in development-related fields. It’s an ideal go-to for applicants seeking global and national development through further education. The scholarship published focuses on international students from developing countries. 

Opportunities for Africans: Steadily connecting Africans to various scholarship opportunities as well as fellowships, internships, jobs, conferences, competitions, volunteering and various other life-changing opportunities so that African candidates can arrive at their full potential.

Oya Opportunities: It is an adventurous hub that exposes you to many great unique opportunities. Scholarships, fellowships, internships, conferences, you name it! Oya Opportunities is the right platform. Since its existence, it has touched the lives of over 3 million youths spread across 90 different countries. 

The College Board: If you’ve taken SAT examinations, you’re very likely familiar with this name cause it’s the same organisation. With over 6,000 schools and $6 billion worth of scholarships, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for. You can also register for SAT, take a practice test, and also a good plug for Advanced Placement (AP) courses for high school students. 

Like we stated in the introduction, these websites rank in no particular order as they all have their great uniqueness. You should check them out and begin your applications early enough. Also, if you need more dedicated and professional assistance in securing substantial funding and scholarship, the Edward Consulting team is here to support you. 


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