Our Nomination for the InterNational Education (Tine) Awards

We are so excited and extremely honoured to announce that Edward Consulting and our exemplary CEO have respectively been nominated for the New Agency of the Year and Overall Best Counsellor (Female) by The InterNational Education (Tine) Awards Africa.


Why you should vote for us:

Our journey as an International Educational Consulting firm has been nothing short of passion, dedication, and hard work and this nomination is a celebration of the collaborative spirit that has driven every decision, partnership, and accomplishment we’ve made, in the past 4 years.


Adebimpe Femi-Oyewo’s incredible journey and her remarkable work with Edward Consulting are a testament to her unwavering passion and dedication to improving the lives of people through education. Her dedication to supporting Africans to achieve their study abroad dreams at an affordable rate is a shining example of the far-reaching impact. This dedication has led us to secure $13.3 million/N10.8 billion in scholarships for our African clients.


How to vote: 

  1. Click this link
  2. Go to the New Agency of the Year category and vote for Edward Consulting.
  3. Go to the Overall Best Counsellor (Female) category and vote for Adebimpe Femi-Oyewo


Your constant commitment and support have brought us to this wonderful moment and we are reaching out with a heart full of gratitude to ask for your vote in winning these awards. Your support matters and it will go a long way in making this dream a reality. 


Thank you as you vote.