Opportunities in the UK for HND and 3rd Class Holders

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Education and knowledge gained are never wasted regardless of the grade, school or country attended. There will always be an opportunity for you and one of these benefits is the study opportunities available to third-class and HND holders in the UK.


People often think they cannot study in the UK because they have a Third-class degree or an HND which is not true. You can pursue a Top-up program, a Pre Masters and Master’s degree program, or even a direct master’s program. You could also be eligible for a post-graduation work permit in the UK. 


Students holding a third-class or HND should be aware that there are certain requirements and conditions that must be met before they may study in the UK, which vary by university.



This is a one-year or two-year program for HND holders; third-class degree students are not generally eligible for this option. With a Top-up, you can obtain a BSC degree, allowing you to apply to study for a master’s degree in the UK if you want to. When you apply for the Top-up program, you may be eligible to obtain a partial scholarship of around £2000-£3000.



Students with an HND and a third-class degree can study for a Premasters and a Master’s degree in the UK. In UK universities, the pre-masters program duration is decided by admissions officers based on your cumulative grade point average (CGPA). The length of the program might range from three to four months to one year. During a pre-masters program, you can choose whatever course you want to take, however, this depends on the courses the university offers. You can easily progress to a master’s program after your pre-masters, however, there are no scholarships for pre-masters programs.



In the UK, students with an HND and a Third-class degree are eligible for a direct master’s program; however, this program is an accelerated (extended) master’s which lasts for 15 months. Not all UK institutions provide the option of a direct master’s for third-class and HND holders. 


Before applying to this program, most UK universities require HND and Third-class students to have solid work experience. It could be difficult to get into this program without good work experience.


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Written by Abraham Etang