Duke University CID Celebrated the Success of our CEO, Bimpe Femi-Oyewo, a Duke alumna

A big shout out to Duke for celebrating the success of our CEO, Bimpe Femi-Oyewo, a Duke alumna. 


Bimpe graduated from Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy in 2018 after completing her Master’s program in International Development Policy. Since then she has been soaring excellence.


Duke University has always strived to empower its alumni to make a meaningful difference in the world. Bimpe’s incredible journey and her remarkable work with Edward Consulting are a testament to the values and ideals that Duke instills in its graduates. Her dedication to supporting Africans to achieve their study abroad dreams at an affordable rate is a shining example of the far-reaching impact that Duke can have on its students and how that can empower them to achieve anything. 


In addition to her dedication to making International Education affordable for Africans, Bimpe is also the co-founder of Kinnect, a nongovernmental organization that fosters volunteerism by collaborating with local nonprofits to solve social challenges in Nigeria and she has impacted the lives of many children since starting this organization.


We do not doubt that Bimpe will continue to impact the world and always make her alma mater proud. 


To read more on Bimpe on Duke University’s website, please click here

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