Celebrating Our CEO’s Spotlight: A Journey of Vision and Leadership

In the dynamic realm of International Education, the spotlight often shines on visionary leaders who navigate the complexities of industry with unwavering determination and foresight. Today, we celebrate a remarkable milestone as our esteemed CEO, Bimpe Femi-Oyewo is featured in an article by The PIE titled “Too Good to be True” – the young Africans receiving international scholarships.”


The PIE article offers an insightful glimpse into Bimpe’s journey with Edward Consulting, chronicling her rise from humble beginnings to their current position at the helm of our organization. Bimpe was able to show how Edward Consulting’s scholarship count has increased over the last 5 years to support African International Students to study in schools such as the University of Oxford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and London Business School. However, the number of scholarships on offer hasn’t increased proportionately with the demand from Africa’s young people.


In addition to this feature on The PIE article, Bimpe has also been invited to speak at The PIE Live Europe 2024. This is a testament to how Bimpe has used Edward Consulting to create positive social impact, whether through education.


Bimpe’s vision, passion, and unwavering dedication serve as a guiding light for us all, illuminating the path toward a future defined by endless possibilities and boundless potential. With Bimpe at the helm, we are confident that the best is yet to come.


If you would like to read The PIE article please click here.

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