We are hiring!

JOB TITLE: Educational Consultant
LOCATION: Lagos, Nigeria – Omole Phase 2

CONTACT: Send your CV and portfolio to recruitment@edwardconsulting.org

RECRUITMENT DEADLINE: 27th of September, 2023


Job Description: 

We are looking for a Creative Designer with expertise in graphic design, and marketing design and video editing This role involves creating visually appealing and engaging designs to elevate our brand identity.

The ideal candidate will be detail-oriented, possess critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, and excel in ideating and crafting designs. As a key contributor to our team, you will be responsible for thinking strategically, building our brand identity, and creating aesthetically pleasing designs.

We are looking for an ambitious, creative, and driven professional who dares to think outside the box and is eager to learn and grow alongside our organization. Understanding and aligning with our mission and vision will be essential, as you will play a pivotal role in helping us achieve our goals. This position also offers opportunities to represent the organization at national and international levels, engage in domestic and international travel, and acquire new skills.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Conceptualize and Create Visually Appealing Designs: As a Creative Designer, you will be the artistic visionary behind our projects. You will bring ideas to life through your design expertise. 
  2. Collaborate with Clients and Internal Teams: Collaboration is at the core of what we do. You will work closely with your colleagues to understand their goals, preferences, and brand identities. 
  3. Develop Brand Identities and Marketing Materials: You will be responsible for shaping and refining our brand identities. This includes designing marketing materials that reinforce their brand messages. 
  4. Design Engaging Social Media Assets, Infographics, and Web Content: craft visually compelling social media assets, infographics, and web content that captivate and engage online audiences. 
  5. Produce Visually Stunning Presentations and Proposals: Effective communication is key, especially when conveying complex ideas. 
  6. Website Maintenance: Update website content, including text and images, to ensure it reflects our latest offerings and messaging.
  7. Social Media Management: Perform continuous A/B testing on posts and promotions, analyzing and evaluating performance metrics related to growth and engagement rate.
  8. Product Launch Strategy: Oversee the strategy and execution of new product launches, ensuring they align with our brand and resonate with our audience.



  • Competitive wage compensation with bonuses linked to successful results and partnerships. 
  • Working in an entrepreneurial, fun, and result-oriented environment where work-life balance is encouraged. 
  • A dynamic role with exposure to a wide variety of stakeholders and traveling opportunities
  • Various opportunities for formal training and personal development. 
  • A chance to work in a supportive environment where there is the opportunity to grow your responsibilities and career as we grow our scale.



Edward Consulting is an educational consulting startup with a mission to improve society through education. We accomplish this by providing access to quality higher education in overseas countries and ensuring that it is affordable for people from African and developing countries. We do this by connecting you to the best universities and scholarships in the world!


In 4 years, we have secured $12.9 million/N9.9 billion in funding and scholarships for our African clients for undergraduate and graduate studies at top universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany amongst others.


Our services include advice on standardized test preparation, curation of school lists, guidance through the application process, scholarship guidance & application on a per-school basis, interview preparation for various scholarship programs and schools, scholarship negotiation, and appeal management, amongst others. For more information check out www.edwardconsulting.org and our Instagram account; edward_consulting