How to survive school application stress

There is no doubt that applying to study abroad can be stressful; people often worry about what country to go to, what school to apply to, the best way to complete several school applications and essays within a given timeframe, and how many acceptance letters or scholarships they would get when the whole process is over, and their probability of getting a job after study. Coupled with this, some people still have stress from work, some are still in High School or University while applying to study abroad, and have to engage in some extracurricular activities while in school. A night of proper eight-hour sleep is often a victim of this busy lifestyle. Below are some tips on how to survive the school application stress.


  • Be Willing to Consider More than One School

When applying to study abroad, it is important to always have more than two options in terms of choosing a school. Being open to more than one school application can help reduce your stress level. If you do not get an acceptance letter from your first choice of school that would lead to disappointment. However, the good news is there are always other schools available for you as there is no such thing as a perfect school. It is advisable to find the best schools using your own set of requirements. Never compare yourself to others because everyone is unique with their own set of skills and academic records.


  • Try not to Make Your School Application a Constant Topic of Conversation

There are many other aspects to life other than school application such as; work, dinner dates, sports or entertainment events, etc. Take a break from constantly worrying about the stress of your school application and make the best use of your leisure time. Make time for your hobbies,  work, school, etc. The thing that is necessarily tied to your school application, taking your mind off it would help to reduce your stress level.


  • Regular Exercise and Physical Activity

Another great way to ease your stress of school application would be to exercise regularly and engage in physical activities. Try adding a bit of exercise to your daily routine. You could go for a walk or stroll, jog, swim, or engage in sporting activities once in a while. These activities help relieve anxiety, and provide a sense of relaxation, preparing you for a stressful day.


  • Stay Connected to Family and Friends

The school applications process puts you in competition with a lot of other people around the world and this could instill fear and anxiety in you. However the case may be, your family and friends would be there to listen to your worries and concerns. Connecting with family and friends can help to conquer the fears that come with the stress of working on your school application. Family and friends may also provide reassurance and enhance your confidence in accomplishing your goals.


The popular saying by John Lennon goes thus; “Everything will be okay in the end, If it’s not okay, it’s not the end”. You can only do your best and you should be happy with that as long as you did your best in completing all your school applications. 


Finally, celebrate yourself after completing your applications for a job well done. A great way to ease off that stress.


Written by Gbemi Ipaye